(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. iciness; ailment, flu. —adj. chilling (see cold); unheated; unresponsive, indifferent, unenthusiastic. See cold, disease, insensibility.
Condition of low temperature
1. cold, coldness, frigidity, severity, iciness, winter, cold wave or snap, nip; Alaska, Siberia, Arctic, Antarctic, polar regions, tundra.
2. (something cold) ice, snow, red snow, snowflake, snow flurry, snowfall, snowstorm, blizzard; snowdrift, snowfield, snowpack, snowslide, white-out; sleet, freezing rain; hail, hailstone (pea, marble, golf ball, hen's egg, tennis ball, grapefruit, football), rime, frost, hoarfrost], ice fog, pogonip; black ice, verglas; icicle, iceberg, snowberg, [ice] floe, ice field, ice cap, serac, nieve, glacier, growler.
3. (result of cold) chilliness, chill, coolness; shivering, gooseflesh or -pimples, rigor, horripilation, chattering of teeth; frostbite, chilblains, kibe; frost heave. Informal, goose bumps.
4. refrigeration, cooling, quick or deep freezing; air-conditioning; hypothermia; refrigerator, icebox, Frigidaire, cooler, ice tray; ice cube or block, shivered or crushed ice; refrigerant, coolant, ammonia, Freon; freezer, ice-cream machine or freezer, deep-freeze, cold storage, [frozen-food] locker, icehouse; dry ice, liquid nitrogen, oxygen, etc.
1. be cold, shiver, quake, shake, tremble, shudder, quiver (see agitation); perish with cold. Informal, have goose pimples or bumps. Slang, freeze one's balls off.
2. cool, refrigerate, chill, ice, freeze, congeal, quick-freeze, freeze-dry, super-cool; air-condition, ventilate, water- or air-cool; snow, hail, sleet; freeze over, snow in, snow under (see covering).
Adjectives — cold, cool; chill[y]; gelid, frigid, frozen, algid; brisk, crisp, fresh, keen, bleak, raw, bitter, biting, cutting, nipping, piercing, pinching; icy, glacial, frosty, freezing, wintry, boreal, arctic, subzero, Siberian, polar; icebound, snowbound; snowy, snow-covered, snow-capped; shivering, frostbitten, frost-nipped; stone cold, cold as marble or charity; blue with cold; quick-frozen, freeze-dried; refrigerated, cooled, air- or water-cooled, iced, super-cooled; cryogenic. Slang, cold as hell, cold as a witch's tit.
Adverbs — under refrigeration, on ice.
Phrases — cold hands, warm heart.
Quotations — In the bleak mid-winter frosty wind made moan (Christina Rossetti), Winter is icumen in, lhude sing Goddamm (Ezra Pound).
Antonyms, see heat.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [ Said of the weather ]
Syn. chilly, cool, crisp, icy, freezing, frigid, frosty, rimy, wintry, bleak, nippy, brisk, keen, inclement, penetrating, snowy, frozen, sleety, blasting, cutting, brumal, snappy, algid, gelid, piercing, chill, bitter, numbing, severe, boreal, stinging, glacial, intense, Siberian, sharp, raw, nipping, arctic, polar, below zero, biting; see also wintry .
Ant. warm, hot*, heated.
2. [ Said of people, animals, or things ]
Syn. freezing, frozen, clammy, stiff, chilled, frostbitten, shivering, chilly, cool, coldblooded, hypothermic, ice-cold, refrigerated, in cold storage, blue from cold*, chilled to the bone*.
Ant. hot*, perspiring, thawed.
3. [ Said of temperament ]
Syn. unresponsive, distant, unconcerned; see aloof , indifferent 1 , unfriendly 2 .
1. [Absence of warmth]
Syn. coldness, frozenness, chilliness, frostiness, frost, nip, bitterness, rawness, crispness, briskness, draft, frostbite, chill, shivers, coolness, shivering, goose flesh, numbness, iciness, frigidity, freeze, glaciation, refrigeration, gelidity, congelation; see also weather .
Ant. warmth, heat*, heat wave.
2. [The outdoors of a cold season]
Syn. frost, wintertime, snow; see winter .
3. [An aural or respiratory congestion]
Syn. head cold, common cold, flu, catarrh, rheum, cough, hack, sore throat, sinus trouble, cold on one's chest, bronchitis, ague, laryngitis, hay fever, grippe, influenza, rose fever, rose cold, asthma, whooping cough, pertussis, streptococcic throat, staphylococcic infection, virus, sinusitis, coryza, strep throat*, strep*, sniffles*, bug*, frog in one's throat*; see also disease .
catch cold,
Syn. come down with a cold, become ill, take cold; see sicken 1 .
have or [m1]get cold feet*,
Syn. lose one's nerve, back down, have qualms, chicken out*; see fear 1 , retreat 1 .
(out) in the cold*,
Syn. forgotten, ignored, rejected; see neglected .
throw cold water on*,
Syn. dishearten, squelch, dampen; see discourage 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
virus, *bug, cough, runny nose, *sniffles, fever, coryza, nasal congestion. An ailment cured in two weeks with a doctor's care, and in fourteen days without it.''—C.C. Furnas.
1. chilly frigid, wintry, icy, freezing, arctic, nippy, cool, raw, biting, brisk, bitter, numbing, *anesthetizing, below zero, frosty, piercing, stinging, algid, hyperboreal, gelid, drafty, Siberian, bone-chilling, *teeth-chattering cold.
2. unfriendly or aloof icy, distant, frosty, stony, apathetic, unsociable, unfeeling, remote, unapproachable, closed.
3. cold-blooded uncaring, unfeeling, cruel, mean, icy, cool, stony, insensitive, heartless, distant, soulless, brutal, callous, ruthless, merciless.
ANT.: 1. hot, sweltering. 2. warm, friendly, open. 3. sympathetic, humane, merciful
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I adjective 1. Marked by a low temperature: chill, chilly, cool, nippy, shivery. See HOT. 2. Not affected by or showing emotion: cold-blooded, emotionless, unaffected, unemotional, unmoved. See ATTITUDE, HOT. 3. Lacking all friendliness and warmth: frigid, frosty, glacial, icy. See ATTITUDE, HOT. 4. Deficient in or lacking sexual desire: ardorless, frigid, inhibited, passionless, unresponsive. See SEX. 5. Lacking consciousness: insensible, senseless, unconscious. Idioms: out cold, out like a light. See AWARENESS. II noun Relative lack of physical warmth: chill, chilliness, coldness, coolness. See HOT.

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